Capazble and Versatile


The LZ-3000 series is a leak detection system developed to meet the high-speed processing needs of large leak inspections of small electronic components, such as hermetically sealed SMD quartz crystal devices.

We offer the ideal system to improve your production efficiency and product quality management system.

Product features

General specifications

Target workpieces

Processing capabilities

  Gross leakage test system  

Decision processing 

Self-diagnostic function

Number of air leakage testers included

Method of supplying workpieces

Parts conveying system

Decision processing 

Self-diagnostic function

Information output

Environmental conditions

Power supply

Air pressure source

Outside dimensions



Small and sealed electronic components

Maximum of 60 piezas / minute (1,0 second / piece)

Microvolume sensing type air leak test system

Report with decision lamp and alarm

It stops operation when a malfunction is detected.


Aligned supply from the parts feeder with hopper 

Movable selection and placement, two-part index from left to right 

Collection of sorted defective parts in collection bucket

Self-diagnostic of tester malfunction, individual movement malfunction, pressure anomaly, etc.

Automatic data collection of measurement results on USB memory stick, RS-232C

5 ~ 40 ℃

Three-phase 380V and three-phase 200V, 50 / 60Hz 1.5kW

0.4MPa or larger pipe size 250L / min: Rc1 / 2 (internal thread PT1 / 2)

1250 (width) × 1450 (maximum 1890) (height) × 850 (depth) mm

Compatible with similar workpieces of various types 

Workpiece supply download (online compatible / professional magazine compatible)

Traceability documents, operation manual