Capable and Versatile


The LS-R740(WL) is ideal for testing waterproof components or finished products that require IP protection rating. The part to be tested is placed in a capsule and pressurized to measure the pressure change caused by leakage flowing into the part.

Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface with simple menu configuration

Test pressure and differential pressure waveform display

The influence of the noise generated during the test on the workpiece can be compensated, reducing the test time.

Three selectable languages. English, Chinese, Japonese.

USB port for easy management of test data

Closest location of the sensor unit to the target capsule

Product features 

General specifications

Differential pressure


Display range


Sensor test pressure

0,1 Pa

± 999,9Pa

± 2.5% of the reading ± 1Pa 、 50Pa or less ± 2Pa

5 mPa


Test accuracy

Leakage Rate

K (Ve) Leakage coefficient 

kPa, MPa (kg / cm2, psi, bar, etc.)

Pa, kPa, mL / s, mL / min, L / min, Pa ・ m3 / s, E-3 Pa ・ m3 / s, Pa / s, Pa / min, * Pa / s, * Pa / min (mmH2O , mmHg, inH2O, etc.)

mL, L (in3, ft3)

Leakage screen

4 digits, sampling rate: 10 times / sec.

Leakage limit

No # of channels


Power supply

Ambient temperature



Pressure source

Pilot pressure

Port size



USB Port



ID2 format

L2 format


Test data

Test parameter

999,99 maximum

32 channels (0 to 31) 

999,9 seconds (resolution 0,1 seconds)

AC100 ~ 240V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz, 70VA max.

5 to 45 ℃

80% relative humidity or less / no dew condensation 

Controller: approx. 2,6 kg,

Pneumatic unit: approx. 7,1 kg

Clean, dry air. The source pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure.

Adjustment using the installed pilot pressure filter regulator: Range: 400 a 700 kPa

The special gasket is used only for the WORK and MASTER port pipes.

Rc (PT) 1/4: pressure source, WORK and MASTER ports.)

SH-2A 144 MHz, DRAM 8 MB

The limit values are transmitted, as well as the large leakage limit and the small leakage limit.

LL-DET y S-DET test results are transmitted

4 other available formats

 Trial, leakage, test pressure, channel number, timers, etc.

Test the parameters of all configuration screens