Capable and Versatile


The DF-R280 handles a wide range of requirements, from in-line inspections to laboratory examinations.

The flow sensor features a laminar flow tube that provides high accuracy readings of ± 1%.

The large LCD display shows flow rates and other useful information.

Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface with simple menu configuration.

Test pressure and differential pressure waveform display.

The influence of the noise generated during the test on the workpiece can be compensated by reducing the test time.

Three languages can be selected such as English, Chinese, and Japanese.

USB port for easy management of test data.

Closest location of the sensor unit to the target capsule.

Product Features 

General specifications

Flow sensor

Means of pressure

Flow range

Atmospheric sensor pressure

Line pressure sensor

Number of channels

Flow unit

Pressure unit

Power supply


Line pressure compensation

Pressure compensation atm

Operating temperature


Differential pressure port size


Dimensions (mm)



Standard accessories

Laminar flow sensor (laminar flow tube)


Up to 16 ranges for 8 laminar flow tubes

Range: 700 a 1200 hPa

Accuracy: ± 0,5% of FS + 1 digit

Test pressure 50 kPa or less: FS Range x 10100

kPa or less: FS Range x 2

Accuracy: ± 0,15% of FS + 1 digit

100 channels (0 to 99)

mL / min, L / min, mL / s, L / s, L / h, m3 / h, (CFH 、 CFM)

Units between () are not available for SI unit models.

kPa, MPa, (PSI 、 kg / cm2, Bar, mbar, mmHg, cmHg, inHg, mmH2O)

Units between () are not available for SI unit models.

100 to 240 VCA ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA max.

Select 125 V or 250 V

Analog output

Flow rate + line pressure

Internal memory

16 G (for FTP)

Automatic compensation with pressure sensor

Automatic compensation with atmospheric pressure sensor

 5 to 45 ° C

80% relative humidity or less / no dew condensation 

Tc1 / 8

Approx. 11 kilograms

(Width) 283 x (height) 189 x (depth) 382

Data storage, writing, backup, etc.

Phoenix Contact (DFMC 1,5 / 20-ST-3,5-LR)

Quick mounting brackets, connectors, inspection log, traceability documents.