Capable and Versatile


The AF-R221 is optimal for testing discharge flow and tightness. In addition, the flow sensor can be selected between laminar flow or mass flow. It also features and easy-to-navigate configuration tool and a flow optimizer. On top of that, the AF-R221 also allows you to transfer data between devices with the built-in data transfer tool. The language can also be selected from English to Japanese or Mandarin.


Waveform Measurement Screen

The AF-R221 features a waveform measurement screen that allows you to monitor flow and test pressure in a way that is visually accessible and simple. 

X-Chart / List and Statistics for Analysis

For in-depth analysis, the AF-R221 comes equipped with an  X-Chart o X-List and statistics, allowing the user to see important information directly from the device rather than moving it to a separate device.


Multipoint Optimizer Sampling Screen 

When the test pressure fluctuates, the flow at the specified test pressure is displayed.

Product features

Standard features


Data analysis


Data management




Flow test

Easy to navigate settings with icons. Each menu is opened by simply touching an icon.

Test pressure and flow can be monitored in graphs.

The language can be selected among English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

The FTP function facilitates data management on the network.

Test results can be easily stored on a USB memory stick.

Display of the equivalent rate flow at 1 atm, 20°C.

Flow check (C-CHK) as a standard feature.

When the test pressure fluctuates, the specified test pressure is displayed in the flow.

General specifications


Laminar flow sensor

Mass flow sensor

± 1,5% of FS ± 1 digit (specified pressure)

± 1,5% of FS ± 1 digit (specified pressure) ± 3,0% of FS ± 1 digit (unspecified pressure)

Specified pressure range

Micro (L01)

Low Micro (L03)

Low Micro (L05)

1 to 10 kPa (regulator not included) 

10 to 30 kPa (mass flow only)

10 to 50 (laminar flow only)

Power supply

100 to 240 VCA ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA max. (Use the included power cord  at 125 VCA or less)